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Welcome to FishTrivia

A group of fish and aquarium enthusiasts established our website. We are fascinated by aquariums. That is to say, this is a result of our excitement to make people feel amused about the aquariums and the corresponding things to them. In doing so, there are a lot of things that will be covered as much as you need.

Our website shares everything about Aquarium Plants, Freshwater Aquariums, Fishkeeping, Saltwater Fish, Fish Diseases, Water Care, and Gear Reviews With Tips and tricks.

The motto is, that we are firmly determined to help our readers with all possible information and insights into the abovementioned things.

Therefore, you can now know everything about aquarium maintenance.

What Are Our Main Points?

Number One: Knowledge Sharing

Being a part of an aquarium maintenance company, our team members really know what to do and how to do things. And here, we want to spread our knowledge among you.

No matter who you are, either a newbie or an experienced one, you will get all kinds of information and useful articles here.

Number Two: Recommending The Right Thing To You.

We will not only write down pages after pages but also give you some valuable recommendations for a particular product. So, you are getting enough information on equipment as well.

Whatever you are searching for, from specific species information, breeding information, to product recommendation, we will share with you.

Our Goals

Our goal is to let you know everything in a particular area.

At A Glance:

  1. Aquarium Plants
  2. Freshwater Aquariums
  3. Fishkeeping
  4. Saltwater Fish
  5. Fish Diseases
  6. Water Care
  7. Gear Reviews With The Tips & Tricks.

Last But Not Least,

Every visitor to our website is precious to us. As we love to spread our knowledge and share everything you need to know, similarly we also love to listen to you.

Then, feel free to ask us, or share your valuable advice as you think. Contact us

Thanks for being here with us!


Lauren Kiekbusch

“To understand what the outside of an aquarium looks like, it’s better not to be a fish.”