14 Colorful Fishes You’ll Want To Have

Lauren Kiekbusch
14 Colorful Fishes You’ll Want To Have

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you see a bright-colored fish? While some people might say dazzling, some might think happy, whatever must have been your answer we are quite sure it is not far-fetched from what every aquarium enthusiast has in mind.

Given away by their name, colorful fish are gorgeous-looking fishes with bright and exciting colors like that of a rainbow. This set of fish has the special ability to captivate your attention instantly and put you on a pedestal.

Colorful fishes are certainly the go-to option to add a flare of fun to your fish tank and it is no wonder why anyone would want to be in the know of which one of these fishes is best for their aquarium.

One thing that must be known is that colorful fish are of different species and that would mean that they are also of different qualities and appearance. Now to the main agenda which is finding out the colorful fish that you’ll love, we will be happy to reveal 17 fantastic bright-colored fish to you.

14 Colorful Fishes You’ll Want To Have

Colorful fishes are an absolute beauty to behold but what if we tell you that there are some that you’d find irresistible and charming enough for you to want to take home at the spur of the moment? Now you know so let’s hop right into the 17 fishes you cannot afford to not have in your tank if you are a lover of beaming colors.

1. Colorful Betta Fish

Colorful Betta Fish

Colorful betta fish also known as Siamese fighting fish can certainly be a stunning option for lovers of colors and elegance. When you go for this type of fish as an addition to your fish tank, you are sure to brighten up your aquarium.

2. Rainbow Angelfish

Rainbow Angel Fish

Having this admirable angel fish will most certainly add vibrancy and an interesting appeal to your tank.

3. Colorful Guppy Fish

Colorful Guppy Fish

Commonly known for their bright and exciting colors, guppy fishes are fun to watch as their captivating appearance isn’t the only thing that would interest you but their active and curious nature.

4. Rainbow Arowana Fish

Rainbow Arowana Fish

Rainbow Arowana fish can be distinguished by their striking appearance and majestic presence. Many find them to be beautiful and captivating fish because of their vibrant colors and graceful movements.

5. Rainbow Discus Fish

Rainbow Discus Fish

You haven’t met a discus fish if you don’t notice vibrant colors, sophisticated patterns, and graceful swimming movements. Their unique appearance and peaceful demeanor have made them the perfect choice for a lot of aquarium enthusiasts.

6. Colorful Flagfish

Colorful Flag Fish

Flagfish are considered to be beautiful and exciting aquatic companions. As with every other colorful fish, you will be more than happy to have them in your fish tank as they are super exciting aquatic animals to behold.

7. Rainbow Danios Fish

Rainbow Danios Fish

Rainbow Danios fish are petite, colorful, and energetic fish that are considered to be attractive and interesting to watch in an aquarium.

8. Rainbow Butterfly Fish

Rainbow Butterfly Fish

The exciting colors of butterflyfishes and their active swimming behavior are a delightful sight to observe and you will be certainly giving your tank a chance to be sparkling with colors when you go for this option.

9. Rainbow Gold Fish

Rainbow Gold Fish

Rainbow goldfish, commonly known for their bright colors and shimmering scales, are a vibrant and eye-catching kind of goldfish that would add a flare of fun to your tank.

10. Colorful Mollyfish

Colorful Molly Fish

The vivid and interesting colors of Mollyfish have caused them to be an attractive option for aquarium enthusiasts who are not into colorful fishes but lively and active fishes as well.

11. Rainbow Pleco Fishes

Rainbow Pleco fish are a type of freshwater catfish known for their unique appearance and colorful markings that you’ll find pretty captivating.

12. Rainbow Pupfish

Rainbow Pupfish

Rainbow pupfish are small, colorful, and exciting fish native to North America, popular for their hardy nature and ability to adapt to harsh environments.

13. Colorful Platyfish

Colorful Platyfish

Colorful platyfish are charming and appealing fishes due to their brilliant colors and active behavior in an aquarium setting.

14. Colorful African Cichlids

Colorful African Cichlids

A lot of aquatic lovers find colorful African Cichlids to be a beautiful and captivating choice and this is because of their unique color patterns and striking appearance.

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