The Best Food for Cory Catfish (2024)

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best food for cory catfish

The Corydoras is a type of catfish, aquatic habitat, and aquatic fish that many visitors enjoy in a domestic aquarium. Often, because of their rough dishes outdoors, these guys are called blinded fish. 

Cory’s catfish can be beautiful, quiet fish and, if you care properly, they can give you hours of sustained pleasure. For their various ornamental varieties, Cory catfish are well-known among aquarists. They are not aggressive and suitable for tropical aquariums in the city. 

Cories are not picturesque eaters, either. However, you may want to give them food that others will not take so don’t overfeed because cory catfish are shy, fish living on the bottom of the river and they’re not very strong swimmers. 

The Cory diet is made up of flakes of fish, fish pellets, pellets of algae, and algae. In addition to their diet, Cory catfish are the lowest food and consume nearly everything at the bottom of the tank.

If you have a Cory, you ought to treat it properly to guarantee it’s comfortable. That’s the best food to feed that. So let’s go over what we think is the best food for corydoras catfish and a brief description of the diet there.

We will be providing you with some very best of the best Cory catfish Food with elaborate detail. 

The Best Food for Cory Catfish

The following are great foods to offer cory catfish;

1. Algae Food

While algae wafers and tabs are better for herbivores, they are not specifically reserved for herbivores. Fish such as cory catfish, which both feed on meat and vegetables, also improve them.

The wafers are nutritious and allow for a pleasant day today since it consists mostly of algae and vegetables and is intended to sink to the ground of the Tank. 

These wafers are very good and made only with the best ingredients. The key ingredient of this is vegetables, which is just what is safe and safer for your corydoras. They also contain some protein, but much of the content is vegetable and plant food. 

They are perfect because a population of other fish may not dive to the bottom of the tank for food or simply for meat. We recommend API Fish Food Pallets for your beloved cory fish. It provides a large amount of protein in plants. He’s going to sink to your fish. Good for picky fish.

2. Shrimp Pallets

Shrimp pallets are known for their production of high-quality foods and nutrients and certainly have not managed to provide these sinking shrimp pellets with a high-quality commodity.

Yes, foods like vegetables and algae, but require protein, too. Please bear in mind that cory catfish don’t normally neglect or nibble only on pellets of shrimps especially if you don’t first relieve them. 

These shrimp pellets are processed with the finest meal and contain a lot of protein. They provide more than enough protein and standard herbs, fruits, and ages to provide your corydoras with a healthy diet. 

If so, soak the bits before placing them in your water tank, and offer your fish pellets if you have platform organisms that can eat the pellets if your cories are picky.

We would recommend Tetra Baby Shrimp Sun Dried Treat as you cory catfish food.  This stuff makes sure the cores have some protein on the diet for an occasional reward and a compliment. It’s a healthy diet and snack. It’s Protein Ready. Among several naturally occurring fats. There’s no water cloud. It sinks to your cory fish so that they can consume it quickly.

3. Worms (Frozen or Alive)

The Frozen or Live Worms make a nice snack and occasionally a meal too for another healthy protein-rich treat to go along. In general, one of the things about freezing dried foods is that they are healthy. 

Yes, fish enjoy fresh food, but sometimes they are packed with bacteria and viruses you don’t want in the vicinity of your fish.

The freeze-drying process destroys all these potentially harmful viruses and bacteria, making them healthy to eat. 

Since your catfish require a healthy diet, live and freeze-dried worms or cyclops should be given to them. For all fish that embrace a meaty diet, the meal is a decent source of protein. 

Both frozen froze, and live foods can, however, be often fed as therapies. Some well-known foods such as blackworms, bloodworms, grindy worms, white worms, and tubifex worms are alive, freeze-dried, or raw.

We would suggest Fluval Bug Bites Tropical Fish Food.  Protein-high, which makes them ideal for periodic cory therapies, but still rich in vitamins and minerals.

You should then feed these frozen worms reasonably regularly to your cories since they are filled with vitamins and minerals from the plant material otherwise. These vitamins have been found to relieve stress and reduce the risk of contract or illness.

4. Fish Flakes

Cory catfish diet contains fish flakes, which, while not their preference, are a good way to keep them occupied for hours after drinking.

Fish flakes are also helpful if piggies like mollies, barbs, and plateaus are chewing all the food in the pool, without leaving much for the occupants and sluggish swimmers like cories. 

For nutritional purposes, most flaky items comprise a mixture of fish meal, calamitous rice, shrimp meal, earthworms, and spirulina as well as vitamins and minerals that supply the fish with all their nutrients. This will give you enough food for all your fish, and your cories will eat any remaining flake while they are on their gravel business.

We would like to recommend API Fish Food PELLETS. It ensures 100% dedication to performance and a clean environment. It is suitable for both salt and freshwater tanks.

Also filled with natural color enhancers, these fish pallets ensure the color of your cory is still vivid. That stuff certainly makes your cories some protein in their diet a perfect occasion for a treat and a compliment.

These are some very common and famous foods that are provided for the Cory fish. Along with these foods, there are some common food questions Cory‘s owners ask.

What Is The Best Food for Cory Catfish

How Many Days Can They Survive Without Food?

Any good, well-fed catfish will go up to seven days without food without any trouble and up to 14 days until they die. However, we firmly avoid the attention of even healthful fish for too long, since they would most certainly excel in low water quality even though they do not go hungry. 

Cory catfish will go without food for up to seven days, such as bettas and other tropical fish until they are hungry. However, the fish continue to obtain their energy from the reserve by the seventh day and begin to suffer from starvation.

You will want to consider leaving your fish with a healthcare provider while traveling if you can still not feed your fish after day four.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cory Fish eat snails?

No, most of the Cory Catfish will not eat shrimp or snails, particularly when adults are inverts. Shrimps and snails are generally quiet, but pleasant companions. 
However, it is good to bear in mind that some different types of cork catfish, some of which are bigger than other catfish and have different characteristics. 

Nevertheless, snail eggs can be consumed or damaged. The Loaches are the other famous culprit. Loaches feast on snails. Loaches are also the recommended fish to manage the snail population.

Does Cory Fish eat fish waste?

Cory catfish were often considered to consume poops, but they didn’t eat fish feces by and wide. 
As we said, these fish are scavengers and consume any residue, but in their diet, they can not be all that. All food is advised from the bottom of the floor. It tastes horrible and has no health value whatsoever.

Can vegetables be fed? 

Yeah, cory catfish are beauties and they’re not cuddly eaters, they’re cuddly, and they’re just fellows, too. They eat more of everything they can wrap around their faces. 

Your cory catfish will tolerate vegetables based on the fish you have, more like pea and cucumber but veggies are not your favorite food. If you succeed in getting your fish to eat vegetables, note that there’s a very varied diet, which is important to move between bloodworms and vegetables.

Do they feed on baby Guppies?

It’s bad if you’ve got baby guppies in the same dish as Cory catfish. When it comes to chance, Cory catfish can eat baby goats. But the guppy fish must be little enough to eat it. If the guppies look too heavy to swallow, they’re probably going to leave them alone.

Do they eat at night?

This is probably one of the fish in the cellar that sleeps at night. They can find a cool, peaceful spot to hide and sleep if the lights are on. Cory catfish don’t feed at night, therefore.


In conclusion, in our view, one of the above items is the perfect food for Cory Catfish to top competitors. As long as you fulfill your dietary needs and make sure you have a healthy diet, you are all right. 

Cory catfish are lower feedingstuffs and are going to consume everything that goes down to the aquarium. You don’t want to focus on unfed food because Cory catfish requires a healthy diet. Feed them your food much like the other fish you want. 

Naturally, you shouldn’t be frightened to add the odd treat to your diet now and then. You would enjoy the richness. Basin feeds such as cereal are typically not too demanding as far as diet is concerned. They are natural scavengers, and so they sometimes scour the tank for unkilled residues of larger fish in a communal tank.

For more about Cory Catfish food you should watch this video below;

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