Why Are Asian Arowana So Expensive? (Explained)

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Why Are Asian Arowana So Expensive

The Asian Species Arowana fish are big aquarium fish, which most hobbyists of daily aquariums can’t afford to buy and take good care of. If you can obtain one, the price of the Asian Arowana might be the same as a new vehicle or a house.

The Arowana may cost you hundreds of dollars, especially the Asian Arowana. The primary reason the Arowana has become so costly is that the fish is in high demand and an endangered species.

Arowana brings good luck and wealth to Asian culture. Arowana is hard to breed in captivity, too. With Asian Arowana so costly, the costs of silver Arowana are also rising. The issue is that the silver Arowana does not come from Asia but from South America.

Reasons Why The Asian Arowana Is Expensive

Asian Arowana is indeed a species of fish you probably never heard of or saw. It is the costliest aquarium fish in the world. The fish, which would be found in tropical freshwaters of South Asia, grow up to three feet in their native environment.

In addition, it is one of the toughest predators on the planet with a dinosaur-like attitude. Its body is coated with huge metal scales, which look like red pennies.

Long, thin hairs that protrude out of the chin of such a remarkable fish are also visible. It is undulated in water as it moves to remind you of a Chinese paper dragon that is popular during the New Year holidays.

The inhabitants of Asia believe firmly that fish bring good luck and wealth to those who keep them. They also believe it to be a status symbol, which explains why many people would happily commit murder.

Asian Arowana Price

You will be charged at least $150,000 to purchase one Asian Arowana. The fish is so costly that some institutions that maintain them have built the utmost prison-like safety devices to protect them from theft.

The farms in which the species is grown have towering cement fences and ferocious dogs.

And that is not all, rasher-sharp barbed wires, watchtowers, and cameras have also been erected. Albino Arowana will price you double the normal Arowana fish. You must pay $300,000 at least to acquire one.

This species is so valuable that police escorts must escort it to the annual International Fish Competition of Arowana. The police escort aims to wade away thieves who wish to steal or poison the fish. Arowana, which is endangered, is grown and marketed mostly in South East Asia.

However, dealing with one in the USA may be a legal nightmare for you. American laws prohibit the maintenance, treatment, or sale of rare species on their soil. Recently, though, nearly 2 million species have moved into the states.

Reasons Why Arowana So Expensive In Asia

This unique fish is so expensive because it’s uncommon, and the demand is strong. It is also a species that is endangered which explains why more individuals wish to preserve it. And the Arowana is linked to strong cultural values throughout Asia.

The Asians think that fish are an outlet for infinite happiness and wealth. Moreover, in captivity, the species is extremely difficult to procreate.

They exclusively reproduce in their native environments, and thus their populations cannot be increased without first losing them. Moreover, they are used as a prestige symbol for the Asian people, who also refer to Arowana as the dragonfish.

There are now millions and millions of Asians. If each of them wants to possess an Arowana fish to bring prosperity and wealth, the price clearly will rocket with strong demand.

 Arowana typically belongs to the osteoclasia fish family. The fish species have recently acquired fame in the aquarium business. Avid fish collectors sometimes spend millions of dollars on Arowana fish for its unique beauty and color variety.

The prices of these uncommon fish have therefore increased to stratospheric heights. If each of them wants to possess an Arowana fish to bring prosperity and wealth, the price clearly will rocket with strong demand.

In essence, fish may come from locations such as Asia, Australia, America, and Africa. Asian Arowana seems to be an exception, though and is classified as a species at risk.

They are the most famous in the aquarium sector because they are classified as endangered species, you cannot buy the wild species, but you may still purchase the captive breed that comes with a microchip in the body.

Examples Of Asian Arowana Fish Species

The red tangled gold Arowana, Arowana Green, Arowana Albino, Back of Gold Cross, Arowana Blue, Silver American Arowana, Arowana Super Red, Arowana Pearl, Arowana Red Chile, Arowana High Back, and the Arowana Black African.

The costs for Arowana vary depending on the kind and area. First, we are going to look at the cheaper property. And American silver Arowana is the cheapest in this group. You’re going to pay 600 to 800 dollars to acquire one.

The second cheaper choice is Arowana Pearl, which costs between $200 and $300. Arowana pearl gold is cheaper and costs between $600 and $800. Secondly, let’s consider the costly variety.

You have to pay 25,000 to 35,000 dollars to purchase Arowana red-tailed gold. Green Arowana will price you more, depending upon the on-farm you buy, from $40000 to $50000 per unit.

If you like the golden Arowana or chili, prepare to pay around $70,000 and $150,000. The costliest Albino Arowana will cost you between $200,000 and $300,000. It is essential to remember that pricing tends to vary from farm to area.

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It is always advisable to follow the rules of the companies that take care of the endangered species to avoid penalties and fines. Besides avoiding fines, it would be best if you always considered taking care of the environment by reporting anyone having an Asian Arowana fish illegally.

If you are and can afford an aquatic life enthusiast, consider acquiring an Asian Arowana. However, first, establish whether you can preserve the uncommon species in your nation.

An Asian Arowana is a wonderful fish species; its value continues to increase every day. Improve the attractiveness of your living space with one now.

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