Best Small Aquarium Filter for Betta Fish (2024)

Lauren Kiekbusch
Best Small Aquarium Filter for Betta Fish

As an experienced fishkeeper, I’ve learned that creating the perfect home for a betta fish is both an art and a science. It’s about understanding their specific needs and ensuring their environment is tailored to their well-being. This testing wasn’t easy as all the small aquarium filters we tested were great but we were able to separate some unique filters that I think will be great for your betta fish aquarium. The AQUA-TECH Power Filter for Aquariums is the best overall for us on this guide for its versatility, features, and reasonable price point, keep reading to discover our other picks that will no doubt be great for your betta fish aquarium too.

Best Small Aquarium Filters for Betta Fish

Betta fish, are renowned for their striking colors and large, fluttering fins. Originating from the shallow waters of Thailand, these fish are accustomed to warm, calm environments. They are often seen as the perfect pet for small aquariums, but their care requires more than just a decorative space.

The key to a thriving betta fish lies in the environment we create for them. This begins with the water they live in, where stability and cleanliness are paramount. A common misconception is that bettas can thrive in tiny bowls or vases. In reality, they need a well-maintained aquarium, with the right temperature and pH levels, to truly flourish.

Here, the importance of a small aquarium filter cannot be overstated. While bettas can survive in still water, a gentle filter in their tank ensures a clean and oxygen-rich environment, mimicking their natural habitats. This doesn’t just improve their physical health but also their overall well-being.

In this article, we will explore the ideal filters for your betta’s tank. We’ll focus on products that provide the right balance of functionality and gentleness, ensuring your betta fish enjoys a home that’s as close to its natural habitat as possible.

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The Best Filters for Betta Fish

Here are the best betta fish small aquarium fish tested and trusted by the FishTrivia team today;

1. AQUA-TECH Power Filter for Aquariums

This Aqua-Tech model is an excellent hang-on filter option. It is designed for tanks ranging in size from 10 to 30 gallons and uses three filtration steps to remove debris and impurities. We think it’s pretty impressive that it can filter everything in a 10-gallon tank up to 6 times per hour. It should not be used for anything else, regardless of how small or large.

The Aqua-Tech power filter is suitable in this case because it provides biological, chemical, and mechanical filtration. The first mechanical stage removes large partridges, and the second chemical stage removes odor and discoloration. The and any other impurities in the tank water. Finally, the biological stage removes toxic elements from the water, resulting in clear water.

The aqua-tech ultra-quiet power filter makes aquatic filtration simple with an impeller and motor assembly designed for efficient power and designed to fit standard aquarium hoods and canopies. Aqua-Tech products make aquarium maintenance simple, resulting in a clean and appealing aquatic environment.

Main Features

  1. Filtration in three stages.
  2. Exceptional flow rate.
  3. Simple to maintain and install.
  4. Maximum contact between water and carbon.
  5. It includes two filter cartridges.

2. Fluval C2 Series Power Filter

The Fluval C Power Filter achieves excellent results thanks to its 5-stage filtration system. Fluval C power filters are self-priming and have an LED indicator that tells you when to change the polyfoam. The media must have a large surface area and optimal dwell times to ensure an effective filtration process. Beneficial bacteria will thus be preserved one stage at a time, resulting in a stress-free environment.

Maintaining only one stage at a time preserves beneficial bacteria, resulting in a stress-free environment and clear aquarium water. The motor is long-lasting and extremely quiet, and the impeller is protected from debris that could damage it.

Fluval C power filters have always been a good choice due to their low maintenance requirements, and the majority of them are now simple to clean and maintain. You’ll also find a cleaning indicator, which tells you when it’s time to clean out your mechanical stages.

Main Features

  1. Water is purified through a five-stage filtration process.
  2. It is simple to clean.
  3. Customization of media is possible.
  4. Longevity is exceptional.
  5. The intake tube is telescopic.
  6. Allows you to change the flow rate of the water.

3. GRECH CBG-800 5W UV Sterilizer Hang-On Back Filter

This filter is suitable for use in any fish tank with a capacity of 10 to 50 gallons of water. It is not intended for use with any specific species of fish. The GRECH CBG-800 is a good option for this filter because it can be hung on the back of an aquarium.

This filter has two stages of filtration: mechanical and biological. Mechanical filtration removes debris from the tank. Biological filtration keeps healthy bacteria in the tank that remove toxins from the water.

The UV Sterilizer helps eliminate algae, maintain clear aquarium water, and protect aquatic animals from free-floating parasites. The CBG-Series also includes a 5W UV Sterilizer that can be turned on and off. The maintenance is straightforward, and when it’s running, it makes very little noise, allowing you to sleep while cleaning the water.

Main Features

  1. With a surface skimmer, the filter flow rate can be adjusted to 211gph.
  2. A 5W UV sterilizer aids in the removal of algae and bacteria.
  3. Suitable for tanks ranging from 20 to 50 gallons.
  4. The filtration system is both mechanical and biological.
  5. Installation is simple, with a hang-on-the-back design.
  6. While the filtration system cleans the tank, it operates quietly to produce as little noise as possible.

4. MarineLand Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filter

The Marineland Penguin Power Filter is ideal for beginners or those who have previously owned an aquarium. It is available in four sizes, with the current model suitable aquariums ranging from 10 to 20 gallons. Its bio-wheel technology creates a rich, oxygenated surface area that promotes bacterial growth.

This filter has three stages of filtration that remove ammonia and nitrate from the water, keeping it clean, clear, and healthy for plants and fish while keeping the water quality and level balanced in your aquarium for a long time.

Its mechanical filtration removes dirt particles from your 10-gallon aquarium, while its chemical filtration removes odors and discoloration. This filter also has an alarm built-in so that if your water level falls too low, it will notify you. Maintaining an adequate water level in your tank is also essential to ensure that your Penguin Power filter runs quietly and efficiently.

Main Features

  1. Filter with three stages of power.
  2. Simple to clean and maintain.
  3. Long-lasting and tough.
  4. Rite-Size Cartridges are included.
  5. It creeps any other impurities in the tank water. 

5. AquaClear Hagen Power Filter

The AquaClear has up to six times the internal space for filter media as comparable brands. For specific problems such as high ammonia or carbonates, you can use custom media in addition to your standard options. These models are innovative, high-quality hanging filter that provides highly efficient biological, mechanical, and chemical water purification in your aquarium while also acting as an ideal habitat for fish. Additionally, it provides superior mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration.

The filter maintains the life of beneficial bacteria, resulting in a stress-free environment for the fish. A healthy aquarium requires the presence of “beneficial” bacteria for the removal of toxic ammonia and nitrite.

It is appropriate for all nano-aquariums and can be used for your own comfort as well as the safety of your aquarium pets. You don’t have to be concerned about its upkeep because installation and maintenance are quick, simple, and convenient.

Main Features

  1. Filter that is both innovative and of high quality.
  2. It purifies water in three ways: biologically, mechanically, and chemically.
  3. It can be used in both freshwater and marine aquariums.
  4. It keeps beneficial bacteria alive in a stress-free environment.
  5. It’s ideal for a nano-aquarium.
  6. Power regulator that is easy to use.

6. Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter

The Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter is well-organized. It’s pretty slim, allowing it to be placed at the back of the fish tank. This stylish filter cleans the aquarium water quickly. In this design, filtration is accomplished through biological, chemical, and mechanical means. Biological filtration removes ammonia and nitrite, toxic to aquatic animals. It helps the system deal with debris and particles in the water. 

It maintains a stable nitrite and toxic ammonia in the fish tank and prevents odors and discoloration. When running, the motor is gentle and quiet. To be used with either frameless or framed aquariums. Suction cups or clips to attach and hang on the aquarium rim make it simple to position.

The auto-start pump does not need priming and will restart if an electrical break-out occurs. They are more effective when positioned vertically rather than horizontally.

Main Features

  1. The installation process is simple.
  2. Set up a three-tiered filtration system.
  3. If power is lost, the computer will automatically restart.
  4. Efficient quality.
  5. Simple to use and clean.

7. Whisper IQ Power Filter for Aquariums

This filter is a good choice if you want a quiet and effective filtration system for your tank. This model is designed to fit snugly in your aquarium. When you take the filter out of the box, you will find it assembled and ready to use. Its StayClean filtration system is simple to use. It keeps fish healthy by removing toxic ammonia and nitrites while encouraging beneficial bacteria growth.

Its three stages of filtration remove small dirt particles, making them easier to filter and stabilize pH levels, preventing crashes, and making aquarium maintenance easier for you.

If you keep your aquarium in a quiet room, you probably won’t notice. You don’t have to be concerned about efficiency or maintenance because this is a well-made filter that is extremely quiet, highly efficient, and simple to maintain.

The motor is protected by a sound barrier and vibration-dampening technology, allowing it to run quietly. The upgraded materials ensure the filter’s longevity.

Main Features

  1. Quiet filtration is achieved through the use of a sound shield.
  2. The submerged motor starts up without the need for priming.
  3. Maintain a healthy pH balance.
  4. Bacterial preservation is made more accessible, resulting in healthier fish.
  5. Filter cartridges of large sizes are used.

Key Features to Look for in a Small Aquarium Filter for Betta Fish

When it comes to choosing the right aquarium filter for your betta fish, it’s not just about picking any filter off the shelf. Betta fish have specific needs that must be considered to ensure their health and happiness. Let’s break down the key features you should look for in a small aquarium filter suitable for betta fish:

Gentle Water Flow Suitable for Bettas

  1. Importance of Gentle Flow: Bettas are accustomed to still or slow-moving waters in their natural habitat. A filter that creates a strong current can stress them out or even harm their delicate fins.
  2. Adjustable Flow Rate: Opt for filters with adjustable flow settings. This allows you to find the perfect balance that won’t overwhelm your betta.
  3. Flow Diffusion: Filters that diffuse the water flow, like sponge filters, are great for betta tanks. They keep the water clean while maintaining a calm environment.

Filtration Efficiency and Biological Filtration Needs

  1. Mechanical and Chemical Filtration: Ensure the filter efficiently removes physical debris and toxins. However, for bettas, chemical filtration should be balanced to avoid stripping the water of beneficial bacteria.
  2. Biological Filtration: This is crucial for maintaining a healthy aquarium. Filters that support biological filtration promote the growth of beneficial bacteria, crucial for breaking down waste products in the water.
  3. Filter Media: The choice of filter media can impact the overall health of your aquarium. Opt for media that supports all three types of filtration (mechanical, chemical, and biological) for a comprehensive approach.

Size and Space Considerations for Small Aquariums

  1. Compact Design: Look for filters that are compact and easy to install in smaller tanks without taking up much space.
  2. Efficiency in Small Volumes: The filter should be specifically designed for small volumes, providing optimal filtration without overpowering the tank.
  3. Ease of Maintenance: In small tanks, ease of maintenance is key. Choose filters that are simple to clean and maintain, ensuring a healthy environment for your betta with minimal hassle.

Selecting the right filter involves understanding these key features and how they impact the well-being of your betta fish. By focusing on gentle water flow, effective filtration, and appropriate sizing, you can create an ideal habitat that keeps your betta healthy and your aquarium thriving.

Best Filters For Betta Fish – Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bettas like sponge filters?

Sponge filters are ideal for safe and gentle filtration, such as in a fry tank where young fish may be sucked into the intake of standard filters. Sponge filters are also beneficial to fish species that do not thrive in strong currents, such as bettas.

Can I turn my betta filter off at night?

The betta tank filter should not be turned off at night. The filter should be running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or the beneficial bacterial colony will die. The filter can only be turned off during tank maintenance.

Can I turn my betta filter off at night?

The betta tank filter should not be turned off at night. The filter should be running 24 hours a day, seven days a week, or the beneficial bacterial colony will die. The filter can only be turned off during tank maintenance.

Can betta fish survive without a filter?

Betta fish are frequently sold without an aquarium filter due to their ability to live in smaller tanks or bowls. Betta fish can live without a filter, but using a filter for your betta, such as a sponge filter, will help maintain healthier water conditions and prevent disaster.

What does betta fish like in their tank?

Bettas require filtration, warm water, enrichment such as plants and caves to explore, as well as routine feeding and tank cleaning. Many fish tanks available for purchase, including this fish tank in a stuffed animal, are far too small to keep a fish happy.

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