Does Neon Tetra Jump Out Of Tank?- Possible Reasons

A neon tetra is unlikely to jump out of an aquarium. So, if you’re wondering why your neon tetra jumped out of the water, something might be wrong.

Neon tetras do jump! If this occurs, it indicates that the water quality is much below what is considered ideal. It could be one of the main reasons why the neon tetra has to jump out. It will be challenging to figure out why the neon tetra leaped out if the water conditions are good.

Neon tetras are jumpers and will do so if they are in an unfavorable situation, such as a crowded pond or a stressful environment. The article discusses the causes of neon tetra jumping out of a tank.

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Reasons Why The Neon Tetras Jump Out Of The Tank

The following are the different reasons that make the neon tetras jump out of the tank.

1. Water Quality Issues

Your neon tetras are always kept at the proper water temperature. Neon tetras are tropical fish, therefore keep the temperature between 72 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit. Soft water with a PH of 6.0-7.0 is ideal for the fish.

Invest in a sound filtration system to keep the water safe to drink. Although you should still make frequent water changes, a good filter will keep the levels of ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites down.

Ammonia and nitrites are particularly hazardous to fish, and they can accumulate in a tank with too much organic matter and fish excrement. Vacuuming the substrate is required to remove this waste.

Your neon tetras will struggle to breathe in water that isn’t well-oxygenated, but you can help them by adding plants. If the oxygen level in your tank falls below a certain level, your neon tetra will jump out in search of a more welcoming environment.

2. Stress

If you keep neon tetras with incompatible tank mates, they will look for an opportunity to jump. Cichlids, angelfish, and betas are examples of semi-aggressive and aggressive fish to avoid.

Because neon tetras are a little, more significant, predatory fish will chase them down for food. This fish is vulnerable to even larger tetras.

Neon tetras can often be seen in vast groups of 15-20 individuals. Keeping only a handful of them will cause them to become stressed and jump out.

3. A Small Living Area

Because neon tetras are small, it is simple to overcrowd them. If you’re keeping them as a community, choose a big tank big enough to hold all of the residents comfortably.

Neon tetras should not be kept in aquariums smaller than 20 gallons. If your neon tetra doesn’t have much room to explore, they’ll be tempted to jump.

You may create hiding spots for your fish with rocks and decorations so that they can retreat when it becomes too crowded.

If you’re only maintaining neon tetras, a 5-gallon tank should suffice, but keep a lid on the tank to avoid jumping.

4. The Scare Factor

One of the reasons why your Neon Tetra is jumping out of the tank could be fear. It occurs as a result of your fish being introduced to a new environment. When you take a fish out of its natural surroundings and place it in a tank, it will stress out. The reason it became startled is self-evident.

Your fish is still getting acquainted with its new surroundings in the tank. This condition typically affects fish bred in ponds and then transferred to a tank to live out their lives.

A fish that was born in its natural habitat has never lived in a glass aquarium.

Furthermore, certain conditions will make the same fish feel uneasy during its initial days in a new environment.

Bright light, limited places, continuous currents, and other factors can cause your Neon Tetra to become startled. During this time, this excellent fish will try to break free from imprisonment by jumping out.

As a result, keep the tank away from traffic, bright lights, and noisy areas. Again, please place it in a quiet location where your fish will be able to relax.

5. They want to explore

Curiosity may push your neon tetra to jump if you leave the tank open. Like any other living creature, fish enjoy exploring their surroundings, and neon tetras will jump out if given the opportunity.


      In an open tank, aquarists worldwide have had a variety of experiences with their tetras. Some people have successfully kept tetras in available aquariums. Others have had their tetras try to jump out of the aquarium.

      Everything hinges on your tetras’ conduct. Tetras can be kept in an aquarium that is open to the elements. There is always the possibility that they will try to jump out of the tank out of curiosity.

      As a result, it’s best to maintain the water level in your tank low or cover it. Again, ensure that the water quality is optimal, as fish are more inclined to jump when the water quality is terrible.

      Saw one neon tetra all dried up on the ground this morning.
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