How Long Should You Boil Driftwood For Your Aquarium?

Lauren Kiekbusch
How Long Should You Boil Driftwood for Your Aquarium

Who doesn’t want to decorate their Aquarium luxuriously? Why don’t you decorate your Aquarium with driftwood? Indeed, a few enthusiasts use sunken ships in the Aquarium so that it looks more aesthetic.

Driftwood is a realistic option and has been very popular among people day by day. However, the process of adding driftwood inside the Aquarium needs some preparation. In this guide, we shall show you preparing driftwood in your Aquarium together with boiling driftwood for your Aquarium. 

Why should you know about the boiling driftwood process? Boiling driftwood is known as one of the main preparation processes. Boiled driftwood is a sign of sterilizing the Aquarium.

If your purchased driftwood is a foot long, try cooking the smaller pieces of driftwood for at least 20 minutes. But, more massive amounts of driftwood need more boiling time in this case. The time can be estimated at almost an hour.

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Which Driftwood Is Ideal For Aquarium?

We have choices for driftwood. Standard, African, and Malaysian Driftwood is very popular with enthusiasts. Standard driftwood is typically a smart option, and people choose it as a cost-effective option.

The standard type of driftwood can be found in American forests or lakeside. However, purchasing from local citizens will get you trunks and branches in different shapes and sizes. 

Standard driftwood is like getting found floating in the Aquarium’s water. You can choose the right piece of slate by two different methods. Indeed, choose from the soaked driftwood or screwed driftwood to the Aquarium. 

Which driftwood is ideal for Aquarium

African Root or African Driftwood is not quite similar. However, this type of driftwood is sourced from Africa and used to be self-sinking inside the Aquarium. African root has the benefit to be sinking itself naturally.

You need not go through the extra effort. Why not make the driftwood dip in the water? Indeed, standard driftwood has a difference in appearance compared to the African root. The African root is a bit knobby but looks beautiful.

Malaysian driftwood is mostly used in Aquariums, and driftwood has a high self-sinking strategy along with its long branches. People love using Malaysian driftwood as a very durable and attractive choice. Besides, it creates a dense effect in the Aquarium once settled with some aquatic plants.  

Estes Company Inc Malaysian Driftwood 

Estes is a prominent company to supply medium driftwood to enthusiasts and natural beauty to the Aquarium. This is a prevalent type of Malaysian wood that comes with a unique shape.

We have experienced the driftwood for Plecostomus fishes and got the driftwood much more prominent in size. I can assure you one thing that it’s a big one and much more for my money. The manufacturer’s support is praiseworthy as their delivery arrives on time and well packaged.

The overall shape and size of the driftwood are pleasing in look and shape. I highly recommend choosing the most beautiful piece of driftwood. Thanks to Estes Company to provide us with genuine Malaysian driftwood like we could have imagined! 

Key Features

  • It was perfect for my medium-sized pleco.
  • Size: 4×16 and compatible with a 36-gallon aquarium 
  • Well-packaged piece of driftwood

Click here to check ‘Estes Company Inc Malaysian Driftwood’ on Amazon.

How Long Should You Boil Driftwood for Your Aquarium

How To Prepare Driftwood And Use Them

We have answered you in the introduction about how long you should boil driftwood for your Aquarium. It takes approximately 20 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the driftwood’s quality. However, we shall show you the actual preparation to add driftwood to an aquarium in this step. 

Don’t get fooled! Try learning to maintain your driftwood and Aquarium before placing driftwood inside the Aquarium! You need to draw a rough sketch to the point. There are issues in arranging everything lucidly inside the Aquarium. Stay tuned to us and experience how to bring aquatic life in the Aquarium more excellently. 

1. Clean the driftwood first

When boiling driftwood to get inside the Aquarium, try to clean the driftwood and soak it later through the process. Cleaning driftwood will help you with proper modification.

It is genius to use a clean brush and scrub the slice of driftwood on the whole. Indeed, you get driftwood without existing dirt and grime. If you have time, try to use soap or chemicals for the process, and you will be benefited from fresh driftwood pieces that enhance the aquatic life wonderfully.  

After cleaning the pieces of driftwood, try soaking them slightly till they are entirely saturated. The soaking process is much simpler than cleaning the driftwood. The process is much easier to do in a large water bath. Get the driftwood underwater and soak them for one to two weeks on behalf. 

2. Soak The Driftwood

Maximum enthusiasts don’t consider soaking driftwood much seriously. In case we recommend following the process to remove excess tannins.

How will driftwood affect the Aquarium’s water if not absorbed anyway? If not soaked, the driftwood releases excess tannins that discolor the freshwater. 

This will not harm the aquatic life of the Aquarium. You don’t have to change the water in the container repeatedly. Try to soak the driftwood for even a short period. Who wants to turn their Aquarium’s water get darken? Dechlorinated water is the best source to absorb driftwood during the soaking period.

3. Boil Driftwood

Now, it’s time to boil driftwood for the Aquarium. The article is written based on the time how long boiling driftwood takes! We assured you earlier that boiling driftwood takes 20 minutes to 120 minutes time estimation based on the driftwood’s size and root.

However, after cleaning and soaking the driftwood successfully, try boiling the wood in a large container. It helps to eliminate the tannins and cure the driftwood a whole lot easier. As with all-natural plants, driftwood gets fungal spores and bacteria in itself.

In case, it’s wise to sterilize the driftwood for 15, 20, or 120 minutes depending on how larger the pieces of driftwood are!

Benefits Of Boiling Driftwood For Your Aquarium

Things of benefit that inspires boiling driftwood for your Aquarium

Boiling driftwood is a mandatory task that gives you aesthetic benefits to the Aquarium. Firstly, your Aquarium looks naturally beautiful. Guests in your house imagine your Aquarium like a small deep sea!

Adding driftwood enhances the natural habitat in your Aquarium and leads the pet fishes with biological activities. Boiled driftwood won’t indulge fungal spores and tannins in the Aquarium. Let the fishes behave more naturally throughout this process!

What leads the fish to play in a group? Maximum people search in Google about the process. Not only freshwater makes your aquarium fishes playful, but the driftwood makes their secret place to hide emotions, lay eggs, and mate during the season.

Aquarium fishes are very fond of the submerged driftwood as this type of driftwood helps the fishes with the maximum immune system. Driftwood has a very significant way to produce foods through its tannins that improve fish’s health when they eat the tannins when slightly acidic in the water.

Plus, scientists say that driftwood provides oxygen in the water and encourages the environment more suitable for live fish. Do you know driftwood has the importance of regulating the ecosystem in the freshwater tank?

Besides increasing the aesthetic look of your Aquarium, driftwood helps the ecosystem entirely and leads the beneficial bacteria to survive inside the Aquarium.

It is practical and encouraging to know that the beneficial bacteria have to stay throughout the ecosystem and regulate the fish in a healthy environment. Overall, the ecosystem or chain of a healthy climate keeps the pH balance adequately.

Final Words

It is glad to know that you have read the precautions before applying the driftwood inside your Aquarium. It is suitable if done appropriately. You’ll get aquarium driftwood available on Amazon.

Washing the driftwood through the chemicals will be harmful to aquarium fishes. Instead of using all certain chemicals, try cleaning and boiling the driftwood as our recommendation. 

Soaking and boiling the driftwood will help to eliminate tannins and save the freshwater from discoloration. However, boiling driftwood for your Aquarium gets your fishes rid of harmful bacteria and increases aquarium fishes’ aquatic lifespan.

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