How To Sex Neon Tetras? (Male Or Female)

Lauren Kiekbusch
How to Sex Neon Tetras

Before sexing neon tetras, it is essential to determine the exact gender of the neon tetras in a tank.

The difference between a female neon tetra and a male neon tetra is visible such that the female neon tetra has a blue line on its body that is curvy and thicker than the male neon tetra and the other one is tiny and has a black line that is straight in the body.

After determining the neon tetras’ gender, you can now sex the neon tetras since they both can stay together in the same tank. Therefore, you should add the neon tetras to the tank for the sexing process.

The article below shows the conditions and factors to consider when sexing the male and female neon tetras in the habitat since sexing helps produce more neon tetras for the aquariums. Follow the guide to help you sex your neon tetras on the farm.

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Factors To Consider When Sexing Neon Tetras For Males And Females

Here are the factors to consider;

1. Age Of The Neon Tetras

Neon tetras that want to have sex must attain certain age for them to lay eggs and hatch fully.

Although the neon tetras have to be four months and above for them to start breeding or rather sexing, in this case, you must not have sex immediately but at least give them time to grow and be mature enough to handle the sexing process.

After they are mature, the neon tetras can live for a very long time, like ten years old enough for the sexing process and increase the number of neon tetras in the tank. The period suitable for the sexing of the neon tetras in a particular habitat can benefit the aquarists before they become old.

It is advisable to give the neon tetras still young to mature by leaving them to enjoy their lives for over one year before introducing them to sex life. Since the young neon tetras can fail to produce eggs, the male can produce immature sperms that cannot fertilize the eggs leading to low production of baby neon tetras.

2. Mode of Sexing The Neon Tetras

Mode of sexing refers to how the aquarist prefers to sex the male and female neon tetras in that habitat and the location for the sexing process.

Most aquarists claim that sexing neon tetras in pet stores are somehow hard as they keep trying, but they fail.

Sexing the neon tetras at the pet store is a challenge because, in the sexing process, you need to choose a particular number of neon tetras in the store in the same ratio of both the male and the females.

The difficulties arise since you can only catch male neon tetras for sex, and sometimes you need both of them; therefore, in case one is buying the neon tetras in a sex store, it is better to buy more than 6 of them at least have a mixture of the two genders for sexing.

After selecting the group to have sex with, decide how to have sex with them. It is the mode of sexing such that you have to either separate the male and female in the tank or place them together for sex.

You can only separate the neon tetras in the tank before the spawning process so long as the water conditions meet the requirements of the breeding neon tetras. However, when the neon tetras are in a community tank, you can put the male and female neon tetras in the same tank for breeding.

3. The Ratio Of Male To Female Neon Tetras

Before sexing the neon tetras, make sure the neon tetras are in a group of about six fish. There is no specific ratio of the male to female neon tetras in a tank so long as the fish are in a school of six or more for a companion.

When the neon tetras are less in the aquarium, they can keep on fighting, or sometimes the neon tetras are not on good terms with their mates, and they need some addition to mix them up.


Sexing a neon tetra is an easy task to perform in an aquarium, so the aquarists must consider meeting the expectations of the neon tetra that need sex.

The article above discusses the factors to consider before sexing neon tetras by identifying their gender to the ratio of the neon tetras’ need for sex.

Make sure you follow the considerations to make your sexing process successful since the neon tetras can only be sex in areas with ideal conditions such that they are comfortable. Consider adding more neon tetras in a tank for maximum sexing to occur.

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