How To Fix A Leaking Aquarium Without Draining

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How to Fix a Leaking Aquarium Without Draining

I can’t think of my room’s interior without an aquarium. I consider it a beautiful addition. You must be going through a bit of a problem with your aquarium, right? What’s the problem? If it is related to an aquarium leak, try reading our content to fix a leaking aquarium without draining it! 

Before that, we want to remind you that don’t kick your aquarium outside out of anger! The aquarium can be fixed generously and can be decorated in a short space. If you want to put life into your room, an aquarium is a convenient option. Undoubtedly, an aquarium looks aesthetically pleasing inside the home! 

However, having an aquarium won’t bring you fun and games always. Maintenance of an aquarium can give you a lot more pain if not appropriately maintained. 

When we face our aquarium leak mostly? When cleaning our aquarium to keep the fish and plants safe, we mostly get quite fragile on glass, and the aquarium is prone to leaks.

Please get rid of these! And, learn to fix a leaking aquarium as precisely as our suggestion! Read us below.

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How To Fix My Aquarium If LeakingHow to read my aquarium if leaking

Sometimes, examining the level of water is an excellent solution to understand if your aquarium is leaking!

Get your aquarium full of water and check the next days if anything changes. Marking the level of water will determine you agreeably in case. 

Besides, you can wrap your aquarium with a paper towel and cover it around entirely. If your aquarium has got a leaking spot, you can mark it by the spot as the spot will get wet through the way. Covering the aquarium with paper helps to find the exact place and determines a leak very quickly.  

Not always, does your aquarium gets damaged by the glass panes or during the cleaning process. Sometimes, the sealant of the aquarium gets worn out and leads to an aquarium leak. The sealant is usually black colored and helps to join the glass panes of your aquarium by shape. 

All have a lifespan, including an aquarium. The sealant of the aquarium turns terrible and starts leaking water through the cracks on it.

How To Repair A Leaky Aquarium With 7 Significant StepsLet's know to repair a leaky aquarium with 7 significant steps!

A leaky aquarium creates a negative vibe among enthusiasts. Sometimes, it feels angry. Take a solution to the big problem even if you have a very leaky large aquarium in your interior!

Even if you get only a drop of water at a time, try fixing the dent relatively with proper techniques. Please take a few minutes to know the solution to fix a leaky aquarium; read us. 

1. Clean The Aquarium By Surface

Draining some water from the aquarium won’t irritate your fish but train them to live in difficulty. If possible, keep the fish in a separate jar and clean the aquarium around the leak. You have to use the sealant to seal the leak. So, moving the fish to a temporary tank will be a good idea. 

2. Remove Old Sealant Carefully

    If you’ve done the first step successfully, try to remove the old sealant mandatorily. You can take a scraper and remove the silicone from the leaking area or inside the tank. As we have been focusing on not draining the entire aquarium, please be mindful of not allowing the old sealant or silicone to drop into the water.

    3. Get Rid Of Existing Residues

    Now, wipe the area with a microfiber towel. Before that, it is intelligent to dampen the microfiber towel with acetone in every respect. In this way, you can remove existing residues and hard material from the leak area. Clean the area until it seems immaculate. Then, let the surface get dry for 15 minutes.

    How to Fix a Leaking Aquarium without Draining

    4. Apply Sealant To The Surface

    In this step, you must apply a silicone sealant to the leakage. We recommend using ‘Aquascape Black Silicone Sealant’ in the process. You can use a caulking gun to head out the leaks very smoothly.

    Get a look below; we have provided the best sealant and caulking gun to cover the seam that leaked too efficiently. However, applying a nontoxic glue will do your work professionally. 

    5. Aquascape Black Silicone Sealant

    This sealant is safe for fish, plants, and all existing aquatic life in your aquarium. Visit the Aquascape Store and get the product affordable on Amazon. Who doesn’t want a long-lasting watertight bond through the aquarium?

    I have faced a few deep scratches in my 40G reef tank and searched for a better solution to save my tank. I asked my best friend about it, and he told me about this sealant. Thus, I searched ‘Aquascape sealant’ on Amazon and found the product with maximum positive reviews.

    The shipment is too quick. I have managed the reef tank by edges and corners. After a few months of trial, I can assure you that Aquascape is an excellent manufacturer to save lots of money. 

    Aquascape Black Silicone Sealant

    Key Features

    • 10.1-ounce 
    • Safe for Fish
    • Works with a large crack

    Click here to check this product on Amazon.

    5. Let The Sealant Dry

    Now, let the sealant dry for almost a day! If the weather is too cold and dry, wait for 48 hours to set the sealant entirely to the glass. Professionals find a heat lamp and cure the sealant amazingly with heat above 110 degrees (F).  

    6. Recheck The Leaks

    After getting the aquarium’s surface dried, try pouring some water into the tank. Keep the water loaded for a few hours and assure yourself if you have got any leaks all the way.

    Take a close look and inspect the water pressure inside the tank. Sometimes, the sealants are not appropriately combined and reopen the leak very early.

    In case, you can wrap the aquarium with a paper towel entirely and recheck the tank if the leak is fixed. 

    7. Keep The Fish And Plants Back

    Once you find the tank backed by the original sealant, try to set the tank with gravel, fish, and plants again. Use fresh water and let the fish back into the aquarium. Before surrounding everything in the tank, be careful of cleaning the aquarium thoroughly and begin with the repair at home.

    Final Thoughts

    You must have read us and got an idea to fix a leaking aquarium minutely. Going through a new experience is always fun. Follow us and you can do the process on your own! 

    Be mindful of packing up the right tools for the assignment. Even after having all the work done, you may still get your aquarium leaking out of this process. Never worry! Give it another try to fix the aquarium or replace the aquarium instantly. At length, keep your fish safe! And, thanks for being with us.

    More about Fix a Leaking Aquarium without Draining; You should watch this video below;

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