The Best Fishes To Keep With Shrimps In A Freshwater Tank

Lauren Kiekbusch
The Best Fishes to Keep With Shrimps In A Freshwater Tank

Freshwater shrimp are excellent additions to any house aquarium. Maximum shrimp species will be used as fish food while when rest consume algae, live or dead plants, and regular deteriorating worms.

Moreover, many medium to large-sized aquarium fish will want to eat your freshwater shrimp. For this reason, the largest challenge of maintaining shrimp in tanks is that they will be part of the fish food chain.

Any shrimp usually will be a practical target for consumption when they will suit others ‘ mouths. That does not mean that you can’t maintain shrimp along with other fish within the same aquarium. 

Some fish species are very peaceful and take food from plant types, materials, and algae.

Therefore they also won’t attack your lovely aquarium shrimp. In this article, we will discuss some peaceful fish for shrimp you can keep in the company with freshwater shrimp.

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Peaceful Fish For Shrimp

Take into consideration that all fish species on this list are harmless and can peacefully live with shrimp. Also, the smallmouth of these fish wasn’t fit for fully grown shrimp, they don’t feed any meaty food as well.


1. Guppies

Freshwater shrimp and guppies both can suitably sit in the same aquarium. Shrimp are in the food chain for guppies although a little deeper down in line.

When you don’t appropriately feed your guppies or neglect to carry all essential precautions. There’s a possibility of decreasing the shrimp population. 

Again, there’s a possibility that your guppies will consume all the food for both of them. For this purpose, firstly feed your guppies, therefore involved to feed your shrimp. It similarly assists to have additional food in places while underwater plants develop densely that shrimp can reach but guppies can’t.

Similarly, filling your tank with plants will help protect shrimp fry to breed your shrimp in that tank.

Ember Tetras
Ember Tetras

2. Ember Tetras

Ember tetras, especially red cherries, build wonderful tank partners with freshwater shrimp. Due to the fact that there’s mouths are so small that they can’t eat any adult shrimp except the baby shrimp.

The majority of your shrimp will then exist, but you have to determine the breed of shrimp. Particularly when you keep java moss-type plants especially for fry as a hiding place.

Another important aspect, you might let your ember tetras consume certain shrimp babies. On the other hand, you will have numerous shrimp that will require selling and it’s hard, not worth the hassle.

Most importantly ember tetras are peaceful, elegant, and easy to maintain as aquarium fish. That is why they are perfect, too adequate for beginner aquarists.

Just one thing you have to think about is that they aren’t relatively as common as other tropical fishes in pet shops. For this reason, you may require to purchase them from distinctive dealers or breeders.

3. Celestial Pearl Danio (Galaxy Rasboras)

Celestial pearl danios or CPD and occasionally known as galaxy rasboras are a small species of fish. These fish are similarly very peaceful that will fill out the shy character of your shrimp. 

Your freshwater shrimp will possibly be too big to eat for the rasboras, this will be about a similar level of risk to the shrimp.

Moreover, be careful that these fish are habituated to attack and eat child shrimp, so keep sufficient plants for the fry to hide. Altogether, you can keep them company with freshwater shrimp without much difficulty.

Pygmy Corydoras

4. Pygmy Corydoras

If you’re searching for fish with precious looks, that are peaceful, a pleasure to watch, and can stay in a relatively small aquarium then the Pygmy Corydoras is strongly recommended for you.

These are other shrimp-peaceful fish, such are omnivores and likely consume dead shrimp. Even if they are inferring in your shrimp population, it is obvious they don’t show any bother to them.

Also, mum shrimp species breed relatively rapidly and will retain their amounts in the tank. That said, we would suggest you begin with a shrimp-only tank, give the colony belonging, and out from any abnormality.

When the colony is breeding and growing, at that time consider putting pygmy types of small fishes.

Sparkling Gourami
Sparkling Gourami

5. Sparkling Gourami

Many types of gourami are actually medium-sized fish and when they remain together will eat up shrimp. Anyway, when you truly want to keep gouramis in addition to shrimp in your freshwater tank, therefore sparkling gouramis are your safest option.

These species are small in size and a little aggressive compared to the other fish in their class. They mainly grow in length from one to half-inch, which means they have a relatively very small mouth. These fairly small mouths will not fit any entirely grown shrimp.

Although they are primarily peaceful, keep in mind that they can be aggressive throughout to different males.

Moreover, they’re not a schooling species but yet love to live in a community. They also like to search for hiding places or swim over plants.

Accordingly, putting live plants in your aquarium will give your gouramis and shrimp a hiding and playing place as well. They are wonderful to stand out in any aquarium, therefore advised to pair them with shrimp.

6. Endler’s Livebearers

Endlers like fish don’t disturb any species of shrimp when kept all in one place. Although, as same as other tropical fish, you will see some shrimplets losing.

However, a lot of rocks, java moss, and different plants in the tank will give a bunch of hiding places. Particularly you need some dense cover when you wish to breed shrimp.

Normally, Endlers are a bright and reasonably limited species of guppies. It stays in small house aquariums but never carries cool companions for other guppies. Due to the fact that they dilute with mate the genes of this species.

Harlequin Rasboras
Harlequin Rasboras

7. Harlequin Rasboras

Harlequin rasboras are peaceful small fish species that live out of anyone’s way. That says you are independent to keep them with shrimp or freshwater aquarium snails.

When you have an adequately planted tank, most probably your shrimp and harlequin rasboras will not actually notice each other.

Because of this, you can breed and raise shrimplets within your aquarium. Even so, that tells that rasboras will not certainly eat shrimp fry.

Most importantly, they are similarly famous shoaling fish due to their behavior and blowing colors. So, maintaining them with shrimp in the home aquarium is not irrational.

They are simple to look after on the condition that you just provide them with an easy diet and clean their tank regularly. These have relatively limited care requirements and similarly aren’t requiring thus good for beginner aquarists. 

Bristlenose Pleco

8. Bristlenose Pleco

Bristlenose plecos are famous tropical fish that are maintained in preference to plecostomus as algae eaters. Due to the fact that they are comparatively small, usually concluding at five inches in most categories.

Additionally, their food selection consists primarily of algae types of green vegetation. That’s put them together as excellent cleaners and tankmates for shrimp-like fish. 

Without any questions, they both will happily and cheerfully live together. This is because you will never have to be cautious when you have a well-planted tank.

Simply make sure they get sufficient food with plenty of hiding places. Whenever you expect your shrimp to breed and develop offspring, these plants are extremely important. It’s similarly important to realize that when you plan to cultivate your bristle nose plecos, shrimp are noticed to snack on elusive pleco eggs, so be careful with such a pairing.

9. Kuhli Loach

Whether you’re wondering whether shrimp and kuhli loach are friendly, the reply is yes. They don’t touch baby shrimp or any other fully matured shrimp.

Kuhli loaches are very small, peaceful, and shy full. Even when they are hungry and they reach right through shrimplets that are bite-sized, they would bite on them.

Always maintain a closed cover on your tank because they’re most energetic at that time of night. In addition, put a bunch of plants in your fish tank to keep your shrimp comfortable at the moment that the loaches are active.

9. Otocinclus

Otocinclus is one of the excellent tropical fish that you are confident won’t consume any of your shrimp. They are small catfish with a vast appetite for algae and possibly the vastly suitable algae eater for nano aquariums. Anyway, this tiny catfish requires some adorable care. 

Thus you’re confident about putting them in tanks smaller than 20 gallons. Always make sure that your fish tank is well-developed and complete with a lot of algae, particularly the soft green type.

In summary, you can keep your shrimp and otocinclus catfish together, and there’s no possibility that they will eat your shrimp.

Another important thing that you have to concern, Siamese types of similar-looking algae eater fish that are always unsafe for your shrimp.

Wrapping Up

Any freshwater shrimp can always be a considerable target for consumption by other medium to large fish. That meant it does not say that you can’t maintain shrimp along with other fish within the same aquarium.

All these in this list are very peaceful fish for shrimp and won’t disturb your shrimp. We will try to explain why they’re your freshwater shrimp’s company.

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